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Divine Reflections

Guiding You Back to You


Divine Reflection Session

These One-on-One support sessions can look many different ways. The intention remains the same: To hold space for you to See, Know, Be, and Love YourSelf.

I may bring forward one of the many, many tools I have to support this process or simply hold space for you and let the process unfold as it will. 

As your needs shift, I shift with you to support them. I am bringing with me years of knowledge and experience in the vast realm of holistic healing to give you the best-possible, custom-tailored attention with loving intentions.

Examples of the tools and practices I am versed in include: herbal medicine, hypnotherapy, guided meditation, shadow work, body talk, inner-child healing, eft tapping, and much more.

Virtual | 90 min | $188

In-Person | 120 min | $222

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